wecome you are in banana monkey party a good place to here some things about monkeys and bananas and stories abou them so stay here for a while! check out this website everyday to see new stuff!                                   
mon-key monkey with gun   monkeys love bananas and since you either love monkeys or bananas we'll tell you some stories just scroll down!
Banana Monkey Party!
                                                                                                                             That is a very awesome monkey but he needs to work out alot!

did you know that an orangutang can weigh up to 220 pounds?it really can!
how do you like my fat monkey you know he's probably asking for something like I don't know maybe a banana!

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Here are the stories about monkeys and bananas!

Mon~key to happiness

Frank the monkey is a small monkey but a rather smart-ish guy you know so any
way lets move on through the story there is a key to a room of unknown happiness to monkeys
this monkey was the one that was looking for that key so it went out into the jungle
searching for the key then he saw a evil gorilla he tried to sneak past it but he was caught by the
gorilla then he ran as fast as he could then fell off of a small hill then once he rolled all the way down he
found the key so he walked to the great door and unlocked it then in it there was an endless amount of
The End

bananasbananas they are good!

monkey with water