This is A piece of CHEESE

So yeah. Um what did you do two weekends ago?
I sure know what I did. I cut of a barbie doll's foot
and sold it for a price. But it was my sister's she got
really mad! But I'm sure glad she forgave me!!!!!!

This piece of cheese was made by bacteria!
Or it may be artificial...

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Plump'e and the Crazy PineApple

One day Plump'e was in there lair when he saw a pineapple come into

the lair. Okay so Plump'e at first didn't see that this was a pine apple so
he went and put it on his collectibles shelf. He noticed a strange shaped
shadow go away from the middle of the worm. "Hmm" said Plump'e.
Plump'e walked off. Plump'e later heard a loud crash. He went into his room the pineapple was
cut in half! "What could this be?" Plump'e said to himself.
"A villian maybe?" said a voice that came from his bed. "Black Knight!"
Plump'e said as he charged toward the Black Knight. "Actually Plump'e I need your
help!" then Plump'e stopped charging. "What?" "Did you not hear me I said I need your help Plump'e!"
"Wait!" Plump'e said,"You need--MY HELP?" "Yes" the Blacck Knight said.
"So you see Plump'e my brothers have set up a plan to destroy the planet:ghfkjghkd"
"Uh why should I care?" replied Plump'e. "Oh yeah you know that 'ghfkjghkd` is just
a scientific term for EARTH" the Black Knight said to Plump'e.
"Oh" Plump'e replied. Well I guess we better do something about it!"
"Yeah no Dip" replied the Black Knight.

To be Continued!The Crazy PineApple!
(Part 2#)

Hi guys it's me again and before this story continues I have a few announcements to make.
First of all. I'm super busy so I might not always be able to get to your emails. I emailed some
of you but some of you did not recieve this email. I get about 6 emails an hour. Sometimes less.
So I get flooded with emails. That's the reason I might not be able to get to it. Okay here's another
reason I might not be able to answer them. Uh well I have Runescape acc's and Twitter and blip and
I don't know how many emails. It's sort of hard sometimes to find time to get on these. I have really long
passwords on some of my avvounts so yeah. Uh I guess you're expecting a story now...Here it is!
"Okay so what do we do first Plump'e?" Plump'e looked like he was in deep thought. "Remeber that one time
that you said that your brothers were very good at the number pie?" The Black Knight thought for a minute,"Yes. Yes I did say that."
"Okay well all we have to do is recite the number pie until we appear in their lair." "Good Idea!" replied that Black Knight.
"Okay here it goes." said Plump'e," "3.141592653589793238462643383279-" Plump'e was interuppted. He appeared in
A lair! The Black Knight was with him. They walked through the tunnel for about an hour until Plump'e spoke up and said,"Wait
these people are trying to trick us." "What do you mean?"replied the Black Knight. "We seem to be in trouble" Plump'e said.
"Well..." the Black Knight said...."One of my brothers is the norse god of trouble....." "Wait!" Plump'e interuppted. "Your brother
is the man who's called Loki?" "Um yeah sort of.." the Black Knight said. "How am I Plump'e P. Pickles going to get past a god?"
"You don't" replied the Black Knight. Then the Black Knight said,"Plump'e...You've been lead into a trap!"

To Be Continued!

Hello My Fellow........Readers of the website. Welcome back! Yes Once again I have to say this...I'm sorry I haven't added a story in a while.
But you now have the oppurtunity to read one! So here you go.
Christmas Time
Fatso was out spreading Christmas Cheer while Plump'e...... was trying to get past the wrath of the norse god Loki. Fatso
was giving out doughnuts. But he didn't feel good. he missed Plump'e. So he jumped up and somehow burst through the ground right where Loki was.
Loki had been knocked out by Fatso! Plump'e came in...."So I work my but off and you burst through the Ground and knock out a god?" Plump'e said.
"Yup apparentally so" replied Fatso. Plump'e was in a way mad. Plump'e then said,"Hey look some bomb on the table!" "Yeah" replied Fatso , "It must be some sort of orb o' the clock" "No" Plump'e replied,"I think it's just a regular old ordinary bomb with a timer on it" "Oh" Fatso said. They then stopped the timer and flew back out. The Black Knight walked into the room Fatso and Plump'e had just been in. "Hmmm" he said,"They must have went off to get some Christmas Pie...."

There once was a man.
This man was names can.
He likes to ban.
And he spit in a...bucket
I meant CAN!

Okay now that the poor excuse for a good story is over we can get on with some things
that I have to say. I will not only be writing about Plump'e and Fatso anymore I also will write
about other things. Smart Monkey Man will be coming back to
Also a new page will be coming. I can't really tell you what it is right now because I don't even know...
Whenever you see things in white on this page that doesn't mean it's a story. It means I have a....
VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!¿¿¿¿!!!!!!!¿¿¿¿?????@@@!!.... That means that you have
to read this if not then uh....
Well nothing in particular happens but you will not know about something that is going to happen in the future.
I will now be updating many of the other pages so don't just come to this one. My New Year's resolution
is to update each and every one of the pages. There will be another story very soon.