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chocolate pudding
soccer balls
sticky notes
man eating crab apples unicycling
and that was a list of random items that are very random


Qwerty is something where you've ate strawberry yogurt and you then start to act strange it's like the strawberry yogurt makers put something in the strawberry yogurt to make you adertise you'll eventually start to say this:buy more strawberry yogurt it is good it is not bad scientists have tried to figure out why this happens but no clues so they just went on back testing out  mini-rocketships  out
on little hamsters so be warned if those things happen to you call yourself qwerty that is the only way that you will get cured from saying that line.

Other Things in Relation to Qwerty

The Common Kat
as you can see this is spelled with a K this is not a pet type of cat this is a disease just like qwerty now there are plenty of qwerty diseases if you want to know everythig about qwerty then be a qwertyologists now Kat is not to bad of a disease you just don't get to speak for a week and now you are like tell me how you get that disease well you don't have to worry just don't do the following things spin around while talking, monkey petting while drinking root beer , watching TV while eatng fried chicken, and this is the most important thing not to do don't ever talk about car moters unicycling on the empire state building juggling in one hand and in the other holding an empty bottleof pepsi. so if you don't do any of that stuff you will be safe from the commoncase of Kat


Ok this is a really  long thing to type so how about i just say pecoe whenever I mean to say that disease ok this is a really bad disease to get first you'll turn pink swell up attract bees and maybe some other weird things so if you have that symtom please call your doctor well they won't understand instead call a qwertyologist and you don't want to know the cures okay then you either have to get ten thousand needles stuck into you one at a time or you have to take a bath in a bucket of baby elephant poo poo. Those are the only cures  that you
will find so here is a tip don't get tht disease!

the 4 cases of qwerty Qwerty, Qwertyingitus, Qwertyolitious,and Qwerty Man.

Poptropica the new version!
myhenrycounty the new version!
puppy paws!
Hamster Times
The Burrito Times!
qwertyologist are extremely smart people qwertyologist are he smartest type of people on earth

Qwerty has many meanings nobody has even discovered all of the meanings there is so many only half of them have been identified the most commonly known meaning of qwerty is the disease  of it Qwerty is a word on a keyboard that is in a row but note qwerty was discovered way before the keyboard even was a wordthey mixed up the letters and that is why people think that qwertyologist are a fake well they are not fake they even work with the presedint the presedint encourages qwerty for people to be qwertyologists and to study qwertyology chicken somewhere along the line qwerty makes people feel good but some people it doesn't work on.If you say that you know everything about qwertyology you have just lied who is the founder of qwerty you may ask well there are many rumors that Paul chickons Smith well he's not nobody knows who it your local Qwerty station if you have a problem with the study of Qwerty but we are very sure that you will not find an error in the study of Qwerty qwerty stations are everywhere just drive about three miles north west and turn left the next possible road that you can go on ussually you will see one and sometimes you won't there are 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Qwerty stations around the world some do diffrent studies of Qwerty but they all study Qwertyology.
Why is Qwerty so hard to understand you may ask well it is the most hard thing to learn you atleast have to be over the age of ten to understand what qwerty is so if you are under the age of ten please stop reading this imediently you probably already have stopped reading this tell your friends about the study of Qwerty everyone needs to know exactly what Qwerty is if someone does not know what Qwerty is then they are known as a frengoobledorp unicycles do not have not even the tiniest thing to do with the study of Qwerty scientists are currently trying to figure out if there is a new type of disease in Qwertyology if you want to know about Qwerty creatures I will tell you Qwerty creatures are very dangerous if you want a Qwerty ray gun to protect you from the dangerous animals of Qwerty you can buy one at a local store for 6.95$ tht's all that I have to say for now visit tomorrow for more advice.
Here is some more advice:Well remember what you read a couple words ago well about the founder of Qwerty many people founded certain studies of Qwerty but they lived during the year of 1212 a very long time ago nobody new if they were real or not so I guess I kind of forgot about the founders of Qwerty they were really smart people for their time as you know there is such thing as the Qwerty Grail right well I will tell you about it it all started back in year 810 captain regedorne bills was on a ship and it crashed he was washed up on a beach and saw a little cup no it was a grail then he saw some other junky stuff laying beside it like golden toilets that cost 10000000000000000000000 dollars and like the first invention ever but it was the Qwerty grail he took it and built a ship but it crashed and the Qwerty Grail sunk to the bottom of the ocean.Nobody exept him has ever seen the Qwerty Grail so if you go scooba diving and you see a grail with Q on it that is the Qwerty Grail so take it to the Qwerty musuem of natural history.Is there any other good things about Qwerty? you may ask well tons of things are good about Qwerty like the Qwerty tree anything that you want just tell the Qwerty tree and then it falls from the tree!The Qwerty book of knowledge has every fact of Qwerty but it has like never ending chapters you have to read five hundred pages just to get to the second chapter so it's better to just read it here nobody has ever read the whole book not even the writer listen here is a tip you need to know everything about the study of Qwerty that you can or else it might affect you hen somethnig bad happens that involves the study f Qwerty (Qwertyology) so please read all of this please even if it takes you a year jut read it !
now I will tell you about Qwerty concocktions (pieces of machinery) there is the basic hover craft soda machine it's basicly a soda machine that flys around and the soda is free Qwertyology can really make a person happy.
Ok before you read this next part there is some things that you should know and yes I know what you are saying right now but you couldn't possibly have anything else to say to us well I do have a whole lot more things to teach you about Qwerty then we learn about a diffrent thing from Qwerty and that is Chickenology but first I have to tell you everything about Qwerty so that will be along time from now so don't go thinking that you'll see it tomorrow or somethning okay well now I will tell you what I needed to tell you the fture of Qwerty the future of Qwerty is quite strange and how do we know this with the Qwerty time machine of course you know people have alot of questions anyway back to teaching the people about Qwertyology okay Qwerty in the future is very weird the Qwerty animals provide healthy smoothies that taste like they would rot your teeth out but actually make them stronger while right now the animls of Qwertyology kill instead of providing delicious smoothies and that is the weirdest thing about the future in Qwerty because the study of Qwerty is known to stay the same but Qwertyologists have just figured out that Qwerty changes every 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years but not much has changed in Qwerty here is some more facts about Qwertyology secrets of the Qwerty secret group we cannot tell you about the Qwerty secret group but only with permisson you can know sorry you have not joined the Qwerty secret group yet email th maker of this website and ask if you can be a member of the secret group.
In Rome your teachers probably don't tell you this but they study Qwertyology like crazy but they wanted to keep it a secret that is why teachers don't teach you Qwertyology besides before 1900s the study of Qwerty was way to hard to understand so that is the reason if you are reading this and you were born in 1900 that's why your teachers didn't teach it !