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Chronicles of Tubby      

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one day tubby was in the tubby cave when suddenly some aliens from mars came in they stole the treasure that tubby got from the pirates!
Tubby chased them but he couldn't catch up he then had an idea, he went to fatso's lair and borrowed the donut launcher.
Then he went downtown to shoot some donuts at them but they were gone!Tubby saw them in a spaceship in the air.
Then harold came down in a helicopter,Tubby jumped in right away.
They flew up to the spaceship and shot some donuts at it the spaceship went down to the ground Tubby went into the spaceship and grabbed the treasure.
Tubby looked up and the aliens were walking towards him Tubby ran out of the ship and pressed the leave earth button that's a good button!said tubby!
the aliens left and never ever came back!



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Fatso and the Hamster robot!

Fatso wsas in the lair eating a cinnamon danish and plumpe was using his combine thingy majiger two thousand and he was doing it on a hamster and a robot.
but right when he pressed the button super evil juice spilled on the machine that plump'e worked so hard on.He said aw man it's ruined!Then fatso and plump'e went to bed. that night the machine started to flicker and out came a giant robotic hamster!
The next morning Fatso turned on the TV and he turned it on a news channel then he saw the hamster destroying town,Fatso yelled at plump'e to come look at the TV and plump'e got his suit on and went to town to fight the robotic hamster!He finally got there and the hamster was tearing down a building plump'e flew up and stopped it from destroying the building.It jumped up and looked at plump'e plump'e didn't no what to do then someone yelled catch it was fatso.Plump'e asked what is it it's the donut launcher Plump'e caught the donut launcher and shot some at the robotic hamster then it started to shine and it turned back into a regular hamster!
The End!
dedicated to austin linvile

WORLD Industries

and the pancake wizard!

Bruce willy was in the forest one day and he saw a small

little house up on a hill he went up to it and there was a little pancake
 man in it.He had a wizard hat on him and said go get me my glass of salt bruce willy grabbed
the glass of salt and gave it to the wizard the wizard then started shooting flames out of his hands

To be continued................................................................................

The Chronicles of tubby and the horrible two headed monster!

Tubby woke up one morning and saw some of Bob's experimentsand there was a tiny monster in one and it had two headson it!
It then started to squeal at tubby harold came over and looked at it then it screached at harold!
Harold jumed back to the pool table trying to win against mini tubby who coudn't be beat.
then bob looked at the jar that the monster used to be in and it was gone! Bob said where is my experimentally fun-o-rama project!Oh
that monster projectsaid tubby!yeah said bob oh that one it's out there threatening people to give him money for an ice-cream-cone.All
of that just for an ice cream.So that very second Bob went out and bought some ice cream for the two headed monster then he got the monster back in the jar.

The End

coming soon:Fatso and the skull's mystery

The chronicles of fatso and the chamber of heat

fatso was in the lair playing on his supersized trampoline he then heard something it was plump'e saying hey fatso you never told me about this chamberthen plump'e opened it fatso then said don't open that! but it was to late plump'e had already opened it and a 6 foot tall fire monster came out then fatso said why why it took me forever to get that guy in that chamber of heat!the fire person then ran off.I'm sorry said plump'e fatso said it's okay all we have to do is get him back in that chamber of heat okay said plump'e but you said it took you forever to get him in that chamber of heat, so how do you expect that we can do it today?Then fatso was already looking for the donut launcher and the newest weapon of his and plump'e's the tamato wacker! so they went out to town to look for the fire guy but they just couldn't find him they went back to the lair and thought about where he could be but they had no idea they got the plumpo-fat tracking device and they still couldn't find the fire guy.Fatso turned on the TV it said okay that was today's forcast and now we will tell about the fire man walking around town fatso please save us please---------if you don't the whole town will fall apart Fatso saw where the monster was and he went to that part of town Finally after three hours of fighting he finally got the fire man back into the chamber of heat!

so don't ever ever open the chamber of heat!
the end˚¬;æŒW„´‰‰ˇˇÁÁ¨¨ˆˆˆØ∏”’»ÅÍÎÏ˝ÓÔÒÚƸ˛Ç◊Ç◊ııı˜˜Â¯˘¿œ∑´®®††¥¥¥¨¨¨ˆˆˆøøøøππ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≤≤≥≥≥V
the end!!!!!!

Tubby and the Great Stone Wall

Tubby was in the Tubby cave eating some pizza and then he heard something smash on the ground.So he went out side to see what it was and it was a big stone wall then harold came out and said hey that smashed the prison then a bunch of criminals ran out of the prison and they got hit by a radioactive box and now they were now super villians .Tubby needed a super hero to help him defeat the super villians and he only had two super hero friends and they were Fatso and Plump'e.He went to their lair and they were playing pool.Tubby said can you help me defeat the super villians that have escaped the prison because of the great stone wall.Fatso and Plump'e said ''yes we will''.So they went outside to find the super villians then they saw one that had the power to fly only Fatso and Plump'e could fly so Fatso and Plump'e flew up into the air trying to get the handcuffs on the super villian then Fatso took out the time freezer and froze time he flew up to the super villian and handcuffed him.They then put him in jail.They kept searching and then they heard some explosions in the sewer.They looked down in there and they saw the villian that had the power to levetate things!He levetated a rock and made it fly towards Tubby,Harold jumped down into the sewer and picked up the time freezer but the super villian levetated it away out of harold's hands.Harold then had to dodge a rock that the villian levetated at him  Harold jumped up and suddenly somehow cuffed the villian and put him in jail.Then they started to look for the last super villian to put in jail and they found him messing around in the lair of Fatso Tubby ran down the stairs and this villian had super strength the villian picked up a big piece of metal then threw it at Tubby,Tubby dodged it and ran up to the villian dodging another piece of metal and he cuffed the villian and put him in jail.
The End

The Christmas special of Tubby!

Tubby was in the Tubby cave alone and nobody was spending time with him on christmas then somebody knocked on his door Tubby didn't answer then he heard a voice say Tubby are you there it was harold Tubby said harold is that you yes said harold! Tubby said come in Harold harold walked in with a bunch of other friends of Tubby's tubby said why do you have all of that food ?To have a party......with youreplied Fatso Yeah said bob!thanks said tubby then they started to have the party when .....
Remember when tubby and bob were together with the horrible two headed monster well....
Tubby said oh no the horrible two headed monster Plump'e flew up and said you want a giant cookie oh said the horrible two headed monster !
then plump'e told him that it was in france and plump'e was telling the truth!

The end!

Fatso and the island of lizards!
Fatso was in the lair looking at the help screen then it started to say hellllpppp on the screen the man was being attacked by lizards Fatso said plump'e get the f-heli we are going to lizard island to save that guy okay said plump'e then fatso and plump'e flew off to lizard island they didn't see the man once hey got but they were chased by lizards! they ran until they fell off of the water fall then they landed in a huge puddle and the man was being attacked by the lizards in it and fatso shot the lizards off of him with the donut launcher thanks said the man that had been attacked by lizards Fatso said do you live here no well how did you get here on a ship but then they forgot me hey can you help me home?said the man that had been attacked Yes said plump'e we will let you take a ride with us in the F-heli! okay said the man they walked over to the other side of the island and where s te F-heli Lizards must have ate it said plump'e!
well we'll have to build one out of bamboo from the island bamboo ?YEAH! once they gathered the supplies they built the new helicopter then lizards started to come onto the beach Fatso said everybody get in quick! then they finally made it back to the usa but ....
they forgot to get the donut launcher from the island!

To Be Continued?

The chronicles of tubby and the attack of the zombies

Tubby was looking at the new waste dump and some other kids fell into it then they came out as zombies!
Tubby ran to the Tubby cave and grabbed as may weapons as possible  then ran out of the cave but it didn't do anything to the
zombies tubby and harold tried everything to get rid of the zombies then they found out the only way to get rid of the zombies to tar and feather themselves
so tubby grabbed his prehistoric bucket of tar then he
The End

Gork and Rick's adventure in America!

Gork said hey why don't we go to the ill parrot home to greet the parrots but aren't those some of the crazy parrots and they say not to greet them na said Gork but said Rick Everything is gonna be alright okay said Gork then they got in their new car and drove to the home for the ill parrots and walked into the place then one flew up and said watch out what do you mean said Gork he means said Rick is that there are some crazed parrots here and they might hurt us no said Gork then they walked into one of the rooms to greet a parrot and it attacked them they backed off then it attacked them again then Rick threw the parrot then they quickly shut the door suddenly all of the doors opened and the crazed parrots flew out and flew towards Gork and Rickthen they dodged it they ran towards the door trying to escape and one of the parrots got in front of them then they  ran the other direction and saw a weak part of the wall they then had  an idea they would ram through it! so they ran as fast as they could possibly go and they rammed through the wall then they hopped in the car and drove back home well that's the end of the story.

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The Wrath of Gork and Rick

Gork and Rick were watching TV and they saw a comercial saying please come and test cars out for us then Rick said hey why don't we do that today okay said gork so they went over there and got in a car hey where is the steering wheel oh  no we are being used as crash test dummies I'm to pretty to dye said Gork how can this be happening said Rick then they started to go towards the wall Gork started to scream then Rick did and suddenly a man jumped right through the car and pulled them out then the car hit the wall and exploded thanks for saving us said Gork it's okay said the man and he walked away Gork and Rick ran outside hoping to go back home and then ''BAM" Gork had been hit by a car ......ahhhh
BUT! remember in this world you know in the first story on real paper they got hit by the pony and they survived well thats what happened here!

The End

The halloween mess up!

Tubby was looking through the news paper and he saw something that said halloween costume contest so he told harold that both of them should do it to so Tubby and Harold built their costumes and waited until the night to go to it and then they did they were about to see the last of the costumes when a real ghost came up on the stage then everybody went away to hide then tubby and harold ran off into the woods they walked through it for hours then they were lost help yelled Harold shh said tubby you don't want that ghost to find us do you no said harold well be quiet said tubby then a man came up to them and said I can help his name was lard but that was kind of a embarresing name don't you suppose? then tubby said where can we stay for the night? over there in that house okay thanks said Tubby.So tubby and harold knocked on the door to the stranger's house and they said come in young travelers thanks for letting us stay in your house said tubby then tubby said youlook farmilar oh said the stranger you have saved me once before really said tubby yeah said the stranger wow said harold then tubby and harold went to their two rooms and spent the night they got up the next morning and fatso was walking in to tubby and harold's room saying come quick there is a crisis over at the bob burgers Robot's are stealing the secret sauce!

Save the Sauce

tubby said oh no I like that place lets get over to that resturaunt then there was a river that they had to cross before they get to the place how will we ever ever get over there said fatso I can help said stinky oddbottom  then stinky oddbottom showed his boat then they sailed across to the island  in the middle of the river by said stinky by said tubby and fatso  then  tubby ran up to the resturaunt door and tried to ram through but it was locked then they found the other door luckily it was the only door on the resturaunt that wasn't locked they went in and saw the robots trying to pick up all of the sauce but these robots were quite clumsy so they just couldn't Tubby said stop the robots didn't respond then tubby ran up to one and knocked it over then  Fatso knocked the other two over and they just got right back up then they shot some lasers at tubby and fatso then they started to pick the sauce back up tubby then had an idea tubby said fatso did you bring the donut launcher yes said fatso but I don't have any donuts with me so that won't do any good at all that's the only thing that it will shoot out then somebody came running up to them with donuts it was lard again lard said here are some donuts to shoot at the robots thanks said fatso fatso loaded the donuts and started to shoot at the robots they then ran away and then they were captured by plump'e and harold they took the robots to jail.

The End

Fatso and the Fiend

Fatso was walking around the neighborhood looking around and he saw a sign that said come to the party tommorow at 6:00pm
Fatso told plump'e that he should come but plump'e was sick so fatso didn't have anybody to go with Fatso had no fun at the party
but then right at the middle of the party somebody came in with fatso's donut launcher shooting fatso said how did you get that donut launcher?
easy said the fiend plump'e is sick right oh I see said Fatso well give it back said fatso never said the fiend he pressed a button on his jet pack and flew away
Fatso went back to the lair and told plump'e everything that had happened then plump'e had already got better once fatso got back he said this time I will go with you ok said plump'e ok said fatso come on we have to get that donut launcher back that's the only weapon that we have what about our powers said plump'e yeah those too said fatso
they went to where the fiend was hiding and there was a big door in the way that was to heavy even for fatso and plump'e to lift then plump'e said why have we been trying to lift this door when we could just pick up the donut launcher down on the ground.
the end

Tubby and the attack of the donuts!

Tubby was skiing and he just got on a ski lift to go up to the next slope
and a ray gun hit the ski lift thingy and made him fall to the ground.
he got up to see what it was and it was a....
DONUT! a donut something had gone wrong tubby thought that he had gone crazy
or he was seeing things but sure enough it was a donut! but how could that be possible?
well tubby has had tons of weird things happened to him so lets quit worrying about that one particular thing
tubby then went up and ate the donut then another came up to him he ate it then another and another
and another soon there were to many for tubby to handle so he ran to the tubby cave and
 told harold to come help him fight the donuts harold said "yes" so they went to that same place where the donuts were and started to fight them
all you could possibly hear was crash and stuff like that
then tubby and harold couldn't take it much longer so they called everyone (fatso plump'e lard stinky oddbottom mini-tubby and bob)
to come and fight the donuts with them then all of them got there and started to fight
finally they managed to get the donuts in jail and I guess that's the end.
The End

a new story coming TOMORROW!
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 the purplish purplies o' doom

long ago there were these things called purplies and they
liked to hurt kids yes only kids not grown-ups only kids
and they did it when the parents of that certain girl/boy
then they lived up to today 2009 tubby was looking outside and
a purplie was standing right there in the middle of the forest
tubby went outside and told it to go away but the purplie woudn't
move at all tubby called for fatso's assistance fatso said you saw a purplie
wow nobody has seen one in the last 299,000,000,000,000,000,000 years
cool said tubby now come help me get rid of it fatso said the only known way to get rid of the
purplie is to pamper it for twenty four hours oh this'll be bad said tubby
then they went to the PURPLIE and started to pamper it
tubby and fatso had to file the purplie's nails nose-nails 
toe-nails then they had to give it a manicure then it got a
shot from fatso(beacause tubby would freak out)
then fatso and tubby had enough so tubby told harold to do the rest
 and fatso told plump'e to do the rest so fatso invited tubby over to have a party with all of the people
that they have saved harold and bob had to do like the last two minutes
the end
coming soon: the great journey
the chronicles of Tubby a major story
but it will only come ONE DAY
then it will be erased forever no not this whole page just that one story
The Chronicles of Tubby
and the quest to the new land

tubby was at dinner and he was talking to harold about a piece of history that he knew it was the new land
that was never discovered by anyone Tubby said fatso get the helicopters
it was very stormy outside and rainy tubby couldn't even see anything he looked everywhere but still nothing
tubby said let's stop looking for something that doesn't exist but said fatso you said it did exist i don't think that anymore
hey said plump'e there is the island where said tubby right there said tubby then fatso and everyone parachuted down to the island
nothing was there just sand that was it SAND.
the end

 funnemonkeythis monkey is going to have his own stories too!here is the first one


the smart monkey man was drinking cofee reading the newspaper saying ooh a list of cool websites, ooh even so he decided he would go to those websites he went to and said ooh it's got a monkey party with a overweight monkey is in then he went to myhenry county and he said so much informational stuff cool e-dzine then there was still one more website to go to he went to it and said cool I love odd clocks and real peoples heads on a fake body NOTE: those websites are real so go to them right now the people who make them are now laughing at this story.
the end


The smart monkey man was walking through galax VA and he heard a person say help bank robbery then he went into the bank in which the bank robbery was happening.He saw a man with a black apron on and thought maybe he's some kind of waiter he said put da monE in da bag then smart monkey man went goog gogies man you really need to work on using proper pronounciation.ARE YOU THREATENING ME said the bank robber no said smart monkey I just ask that you work on pronounciation the robber started to cry sniff ok yeah it's all gonna be alright said smart monkey thank you said the bank robber you have touched me then the robber gave the money back and walked away then the next day when smart monkey looked at the he said WHAT? someone really exagerated the story I don't remember any shooting or escaping!
the end

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this little guy  is ben  he  is a friend of smart monkey he will be in some of the stories!

The  Chronicles of Smart Monkey man
the "BEN"
Ben is your ordinary kind of average squirrel but
he is a friend of a monkey smart monkey to be exact
smart monkey met him in a school of science he was making
a squirrel feeder and it wuldn't work so smart monkey man came over to your average
ben and helped him get it right you do see the picture
right? well you could guess he's a flying
squirrel then when they finally finished the project
ben jumped did a front-flip then flew into the air
saying yay yay yay yay yay yay then smart monkey and him were friends
and played every day with each other!
The End

The Chronicles of Tubby
Wackoid the Prim

Prims are very weird creatures they like to shove tuna and bananas up there nose
there is still one prim left Wackoid so to the story.....
Tubby was in his lair sitting in his chair "Harold" said tubby,"could you help me find the
TV™ turner"? "OH NO said harold I have lost it! then in came Wackoid
hi said tubby then Wackoid said where can I find a decent job around here?
oh said tubby well how old are you ?????
three thousand eleven tubby fainted hey you made tubby faint then wackoid said
three thousand eleven to harold and he fainted also then he left a little note on tubby
tubby finally woke up and it read Deer tuby i now in bank buisness atlest he new how to spell buisness.

the end!!!!!!!!

Plump'e's vacation

Plump'e was talking to fatso and he said that he needed some vacation time!
fatso said ok so go on do whatever plump'es do on their spare time ok thanks
said plump'e plump'e first went to the beach and swam in the pools then went scooba diving
he saw a cave when he was scooba diving so he decided
to go into it there was crystals in it and then he saw a prisoner it was a human that could
 breath underwater he said could you free me please plump'e was running out of air
he quickly turned the key and the man swam out plump'e was out of air here said
the man since you freed me i'll give you another tank of air plump'e could breath again!
Plump'e swam to the top of the water and took off the tank and went back to shore then he decided
to go to the lincoln monument then he went there and the lincoln monument was telling lies then
plump'e grapped the world record winning biggest soap piece and put it in lincoln's mouth
so if you see the lincoln monument with a bar of soap in his mouth you'll know
how it happened plump'e went back to the lair and told fatso everything

do you like "Plump'e?
well there is going to be 5 new stories about him they are coming soon!

here is the first new story of plump'e!

Plump'e at dinner

Plump'e was eating dinner and today was no ordinary day at dinner
today there was going to be a great war at this time so someone
started to choke and someone else did the hymlickand the man shot the chunk of food into
another man's face then that man started the food fight
plump'e took cover and grabbed the ketchup bottles to use them as machine guns
he got back up and was wide open to get hit by food he shot the ketchup
bottles he didn't care what he hit then bam egg salad sandwhich on his leg he screamed and fell
over then fatso came in with cheedar cheese you see that was like
a first aid kit when you have food fights then plump'e had been healed
Plump'e stood up and shot the ketchup bottles again ! but then he had run
out of ketchup!he saw some more but he would have to dodge mashed potatoes
it was kind of risky......
but he had to do it, he got up and dodged like crazy and finally had made it to the ketchup bottles!
he picked them up and started to shoot then tubby came in and started to help plump'e
lard was with tubby too! and they finally won the war

Plump'e goes Missing

There was a monster threatening town one day and fatso couldn't do it because he
was sick so plump'e should do it!But then when someone said this looks like a job for
Plump'e Plump'e didn't come then they yelled PLUMP'E! he still wasn't there the people of the town started to look for him but he
didn't show up. This is weird said a citizenvery weird Plump'e always comes then the monster tore down the building the citizens screamed
HELP US PLUMP'E PLEASE! plump'e still did not show up then the monster left town where was plump'e said one of the citizens let's look for him so the whole town started to look for him they looked in the ice cream vault too but he was nowhere to be found they searched literally every corner of town but Plump'e must have just dissapeared off of the face of the earth then they put things on the news saying if you can find plumpe we'll give you anything that you want just find plump'e and fast because tubby and fatso and everybody else are sick right now and the world is is plump'e's hands everybody in the world was now looking for plump'e not because of the reward of anything he/she wants but so the world doesn't fal apart nobody had found plump'e and it had been six days sadly...
there is a one in a millionth chance that plump'e had survived in that amount of time the next day people gave up they new plump'e must have been dead but there was still one sign of hope ....fatso they would have to ask fatso where plump'e went so they went to the lair and asked fatso fatso said plump'e said he was going camping and that he didn't bring his portable televison so then the next day plump'e came back and everybody was really happy!
The End

Plump'e and his war
(the story of how fatso and plump'e met)
The way Fatso and Plump'e met was the same time as when the world was almost
killed well it all started when Plump'e didn't man anything to anybody and he carried
a knife around everywhere he went he hid out in the woods trying to stay away from people
Hey that's not how it happened the world didn't die now that the creator of this website is
writing no more lies ok here I go It all started when Plump'e was working in a labratory with
some highly radioctive goop and Plump'e fell in and he got super powers qwerty guy the man that he worked with in the
labratory said cool then Plump'e started to walk around town then he bumped into fatso
hey said Fatso do you want to be my sidekick? YEAH! said Plump'e then Fatso led Plump'e to the lair Fatso
said Plump'e this is the weapon that we will use it's called the donut launcherand this is
the fatsomobile
and do you want to meet tubby yeah said Plump'e then fatso introduced Plump'e to Tubby Harold and everyone else
Fatso said look somone on the help screen needs us to save them so they jumped in the fatsomobile and drove off to
save them Fatso said there he is and he stopped the Fatsomobile he then got out Plump'e did to plump'e said give me the donut launcher
and he shot some donuts at the man that was threatening the innocent citizen nice job said fatso thanks said plump'e
Fatso said let's go back to the lair okay said Plump'e!
The End!

The Chronicles of Fatso and Plump'e
Attack of the penguins!

Fatso and Plump'e were in the lair watching the help screen.Then all of a sudden HELP! HELP! "where are you"? said Plump'e in antartica there are penguins everywhere ! "we'll be there soon said Fatso they got in a plane and flew off to antartica Then Fatso landed the plane.
They looked all around in antartica and they finally found him he said watch out the penguins are coming hurry said Fatso they quickly ran to the plane and got into it Fatso flew back to the lair but one of the penguins was hanging on to the plane...
The End!

The Chronicles of Tubby
Tubby's every-day life

Tubby is a busy person just like all of his other friends.
6:00-6:30am save someone
7:00-7:10am say hi to wackoid
7:20-7:21am spare time
7:23-12:00am save somebody with fatso and plump'e
12:12-12-30pm spare time
rest of day save people!
but these kind of days may vary....
somtimes alot.....
a whole lot...

Smart Monkey MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the wrath of myhenrycounty's virus!
coming soon!

Smart Monkey Man
Myhenrycounty's virus!

Smart Monkey went to see the new picture on myhenrycounty and the website was blank completely blank he tried gettin off of the internet and going back to it but it didn't do any good at all he tried to contact the maker but he remembered the website was down so he created a machine that's makes you go into the computer and fight computer viruses. so he tried it out and it worked he saw  virus coming straight at him and he punched it it then was knocked into the computer trash bin and he was deleed for goo
d don't worry said smart monkey man the fate of myhenrycounty rests in my hands I just hope I get credit for saving myhenrycounty they'll probably think of me as a king so Smart Monkey Man started the fight soon all of the viruses were gone and he got credit on the website BUT.......
there was one virus left he said now I will plot my revenge on heh heh heh....
to be continued?.......


One day smart monkey man was looking at the websites the very next day and then he looked at and the whole thing was messed up so he tried to go in it and fix it like last time but it had broke so he had to go into the html source and see what was wrong but everything was in the html source but not on the website the virus came up on his screen and said I've taken revenge ha ha ha ha ha ha meanwhile over in japan a man said I've creted the first ever transporter lets test it out on american computer viruses so the japans pressed the button and then the website went back to normal but the computer virus was now out in the  real world so smart monkey man fought and finally he defeated the virus but he went outside and a million viruses!
coming soon the big fight!

Coming soon:
Fatso's Valentines Day
part one (cupid fires on us)

The Big Fight

Smart Monkey went outside that very next day and viruses were destroying the town Smart Monkey went back in and grabbed some weapons
and went outside to battle the viruses but there was to many of them to beat so he got in a helicopter and started to shoot command delete
bullets which destroys any type of virus that has ever been in a laptop or any type of computer soon all of the viruses were gone and Smart
Monkey was happy but remember the japanease people that created the weird contraption they decided to make a diffrent one that makes
viruses and they launched it then a virus started to form in smart monkey's town.

Fatso's Valentines Day
(part one)
(Cupid Fires on Us)
It was Valentines Day and Fatso was hiding from the evil man (cupid) Cupid is a horrible villian that makes people fall in love Fatso finally made it through Valentines Day
and he went outside and everybody was in love!A person then came up to him and said you need a hug don't you NO! said Fatso I have to save you then he saw Plump'e
with a GIRLFRIEND! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! said Fatso "whyyyyyyyy"this is horrible and then he flew off.He locked up the lair so nobody could get in
He was making a blueprint for a machine that makes people get out of a spell he tried millions of times but he couldn't get it right finally he did though he heard something beating on the lock
to the lair and saying"You Need A Hug"!NOOOOWWWW.

Plump'e Celebration it's Plump'e's birthday and there will be seven new stories about him!
The first one will be the Dead Sea
then the Awakening
then The Blizzard I will not tell you the rest of the stories you will have to read them!

The Dead Sea!
Plump'e was having some hot chocolate one day when the lair was caving in! They both ran to the Tubby cave and they would have to stay with him while the lair was being repared.
Tubby said sorry about the lair here's a present.Thanks said Plump'e and Fatso it was a FREE!vacation to the dead sea in Egyt!so they went to Egyt and they were looking at the dead sea
Fatso said "I don't see why they call it the dead sea " "Maybe it's because there is a bunch of dead mummies in it","What"! said Fatso? A tour guide said hey I've seen you before you're Fatso yeah hey can you help me get all of those dead people back in to there tombs?Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsaid fatso "ok" said Plump'e we'll help you Thanks said the guide Because I have A wife and seventy five children and I.....Wait said Fatso when did we start threatening you?Just get those mummies into there tombs okay jeez yelling at you is giving me a headache.So fatso took all of the mummies back to there tombs.
Fatso left Egyt and once he got home his lair was back.
The End!

The Awakening
Plump'e was at dinner eating his sandwhich when Fatso said,"Let's go get into buisness"!"Why"? said Plump'e.
"Well" said Fatso,"We never have gone into buisness and we would get cofee"!,"OK" said Plump'e, "But only
for the cofee".So Plump'e and Fatso went into realty they sold houses really well!They sold houses like they
never sold houses before.Soon they had gotten rich so they decided to spend their money on motercycles
which were really loud.So they were riding their motercycles one day by a weird looking cave and it awoke the dragon inside
it Fatso and Plump'e parked their motercycles by the cave which was a very long distance away from the lair or
civilization and the dragon ate them."What happened to our motercycles" said Plump'e,"I don't know"said Fatso
"Maybe something in that cave ate them"said Plump'e,"Let's go see"said Fatso.So they went in the cave and
they figured out they woke the dragon up!The dragon turned around and said,"Why"?He then pushed and held both
Fatso and Plump'e against the ground, "Sorry that our motercycles were so loud" said Fatso, "Don't
hurt us"said Plump'e,"Why would I hurt you"?said the dragon,"You just took my customers I work in realty".
The End

Plump'e Dies

Fatso was sitting in his lair when Plump'e was told to go on a misson
Fatso went with him and they had to save a bird from falling off a ledge
It was a pretty dumb misson and Plump'e was trying to get it when.
The bird flew off and Fatso lost his grip on Plump'e's leg! Plump'e
fell off of the ledge and probably died!Fatso yelled "NOOOOOO"!
had died and Fatso picked up the donut launcher he was so mad at himself
he broke it then a wind started to go around him.
coming soon:a old friend returns

An Old Friend Returns
Fatso had repaired the donut launcher but the wind was still going around him!
He wondered what it was then suddenly Plump'e's Dad appeared!,"WAIT"! said Fatso
"didn't you die to a long time ago" "Yes" said Plump'e's Dad then Fatso asked, "could you bring him back"?
"No"said Plump'e's Dad, "Sorry" But Plump'e's dad then faded and something shimmered in front of Fatso.
He saw a letter it was P it started to shine even brighter and Plump'e!
But one BIIIIG problem about him.....
He was evil.
Don't miss Fatso's next adventure:Journey into Plump'e's blood stream

Journey into Plump'e's Blood Stream!
Fatso was in the lair thinking of a way to get Plump'e back to normal."I've got it" said fatso!
"I'll travel into Plump'e's blood stream"!,"but how"?,"Hey"said Tubby that had just had walked in
"Want to try out the shrinking submarine that I just got"?,"That's it"! said Fatso!
So they got in the sub and flew to Plump'e then they went into his blood stream!
They saw the evil little bugs taking over Plump'e they then got into the blood stream!
They fought some of the bugs taking Plump'e over but they couldn't fight them all.
they put a bomb in Plump'e
Coming Soon:
blow him UP!

Blow him UP!

"OK"said Fatso, "ready Tubby?","Fine"said Tubby so Fatso  pressed the button and  they looked out the window down at the town a huge explosion appeared "Sorry " mumbled Fatso it  was  the only way Fatso walked to the donut launcher which was broken then suddenly Plump'e's head appeared ,"Hey'' said Plump'e
Fatso said  , "Plump'e!"  "You can bring me back!" said Plump'e!, "But how?" said Fatso.,"By speaking to the fortune teller!" said Plump'e!
"What?" said Fatso. But Plump'e's face dissapeared. Fatso began walking around looking for the fortune teller,But sadly he couldn't find him he went through caves and everything trying to find him. After three days of searching Fatso finally found him!
"Hey" said Fatso,"Hello" said the fortune teller then the fortune teller interupted fatso,"You will not save Plump'e"!
"But remember Fatso I'm specific!".

Next two coming:
1:Fatso is given a quest
2:The final Battle!

Fatso is given a quest!
Fatso was very sad that he was not able to save Plump'e. He was very mad he went outside and talked to harold (Tubby's friend) and Harold changed he was actually a ghost! He then said,"Fatso this is your quest you and Plump'e's dad go and save Plump'e!" "But"said Fatso,"The oracle said I was not able to save Plump'e."
"Excatly"said Harold,"Goodbye!" So Fatso went and got Plump'e's dad and they went off they saw the evil Plump'e and yeah now you are wondering then what did they blow up in the last story? Anyway Plump'e looked back and saw his dad. Then suddenly Plump'e was back to normal! "Oh" said Fatso,"He literally meant that I wasn't going to be the one that saved him!" BUT.............

Fatso stepped back on the prison lever and all of the criminals they ever fought came out and the worst villian of all was leading the army of criminals!....
The Black Knight!
The Final Battle!
Note this is not the last story OK!
Fatso ran back to the lair and told Plump'e quickly about everything that happened while he was gone. Then they ran outside to fight there were people that looked like vikings and everything! Fatso started to shoot donuts but donuts would not hurt the black knight! The black knight ran up and grabbed the donut launcher suddenly just as he had grabbec it a huge dark black castle came down onto the ground! The black knight had escaped with the donut launcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ápple!

So a lot of things have happened since the last story
Tubby moved to Canada!
Bob(Tubby's Friend) found his first facial hair
and Fatso and Plump'e are already in the Black Knight's Castle!

Journey to the Dark Castle

It was a stormy night and Fatso and Plump'e were already in the Dark Castle
Fatso saw the Black Knight walking down the hall carrying the "Donut Launcher"
"How are we going to get the Donut Launcher back" asked Plump'e
"I don't know!" said Fatso. Plump'e jumped out and scared the Black Knight
quick as a flash the Black Knight swung his sword at Plump'e!
Plump'e dodged and swiped the Donut Launcher out of the Black
Knight's hands! "Got It!" cried Plump'e!!!
"You fool" the Black Knight yelled then the helmet fell off the Black Knight!
Remember Harold Tubby's sidekick? Well guess who it was.
You see Harold has been missing for several months.
Coming Soon:
Are our journies OVER?
"Should we retire?" asked Fatso,"Why would we retire?" asked Plump'e.
"I don't know" said Fatso "How old are you?" asked Plump'e.
"**" said Fatso "Then you shouldn't be retiring "Okay" said Fatso.
So then on their knew help screen they saw somebody trapped in a
desert with a monster coming! So theywent and brang the man back to their house.
He thanked Fatso and Plump'e.Then Plump'e had a thought,He would visit Tubby
Once he got to Canada he went to Tubby's new cave "Tubby!"
he yelled. But no answer.
Fatso's greatest adventure is coming!

Fatso and Plump'e were planning for a long time to go to superhero training camp but
the world is ending and that the only way to get into camp was to save the world!
So Fatso talked to the owner of the camp and he said, "First go fight the monster mouse!"
"A mouse!" cried Fatso laughing so he traveled out to the great hole! Then when he walked inside a mouse
or ... The Mouse jumped on him! "Ahhhhhh!!!!" Fatso yelled Plump'e grabbed the donut launcher and shot
the mouse! But he didn't flinch! Instead he jumped onto Plump'e!
"Ahhhhhh!!!!" screamed Plump'e. Fatso picked up the mouse and threw it down a hole
that never ended! "Okay  so we killed the mouse now for the giant." said Fatso.
Fatso was walking down the path to the giant whenever a little poison scorpion came up!
"Run" cried Plump'e. They finally made it to the giants castle and went in you shouldn't have entered!
cried the giant. He appeared and he was atleast seventy five feet tall!
Suddenly Tubby rushed in and jumped up holding a bomb,"For the world" he said.

The Resurection Spell!

Plump'e's sister "Pleasingly" went to the lair one day to see plump'e! Plump'e was thinking of a way to get Tubby back to life!
But nothing came to mind "Heyyyyyyyy!" said Pleasingly. "Hello!" said Plump'e "Hey"said Plump'e, "Do you know how to do spells?"
"Oh yes!" cried Pleasingly. "But I need 10 magic stones!" "OK"said Plump'e "Where do I find them?"
"50 miles west" said Pleasingly. "OK" said plump'e off I go!"So Plump'e went off 50 miles west and fought almost everything!
He collected all of the stones and made it bck to the lair! Pleasingly did the spell and GRUBBY! appeared! "Woops" said Pleasingly.
Coming Soon:Get Tubby's Soul!
are you a fan
either be a Fatso Fan
Or in the Plump'e Plan!
Get Tubby's Soul!
Fatso was sitting in the lair and Plump'e was talking to his sister:Pleasingly.
Fatso then saw something appear in front of him! It was Tubby's soul!!!!!!!!
Fatso said,"WOW!" Tubby held up a sign that said not much time left!Fatso quickly
flew out the window and went high into the air he didn't really know where he was
going but it seemed like something pulled him in that direction! He then disappeared!
Fatso looked around and he was in a place with a bunch of souls! He saw some monster souls picking
on Tubby! "OW!" cried Tubby. Fatso went down behind one of the monsters and kicked him.
But the monster just pushed him away! Fatso made a ball of fire in his hand and shot it at
the monster! The monster disappeared. There was one more but he looked tougher to beat than the first!
Fatso jumped up and tried to throw fire at him but he just threw a punch.
He punched right through Fatso! Fatso realized he couldn't be hurt here!
He shot a fireball at the monster and it disappeared!
He flew Tubby out of the weird place and back to his cave in Canada!
"Thanks" said Tubby.
The End
coming soon:
The Carnival
The Carnival!
Fatso was thinking about himself one day and he and Plump'e needed to have some
fun. So he decided he and Plump'e would go to the carnival. When they got there
Plumpe saw noname winning prizes! He ran towards him and attacked him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Hey" said the man at the counter. "Ok'' said Plump'e,"No more attacking"
I will have my revenge! thought noname SOOOOOOMMMMMEEEDDDAAAYYYY!
I will. Fatso woke up the next morning and saw a sign that said: Tomorrow U will B underwater.
Coming Soon: Water

Fatso woke up the next day in a tube in Noname's lab (IN WATER) but he was in a scooba suit! There was a chicken in another tube.
Then Noname pulled a lever and Fatso was in the chicken's body! Fatso clucked in terror. He was let free and decided to continue his job
as a superhero. He saw the Black Knight on a flying horse and he jumped off of the building he was on and fell to the ground.
He couldn't fly anymore. The next day he was taken to a farm. The Farmer had an ax! Fatso ran and ran and clucked and clucked.
He got tired and escaped the farm. Fatso was useless as a chicken. Then the next day he was captured (AGAIN) he was taken
to a chicken kingdom. Chickens were everywhere. Fatso saw a shrine of the great chicken who lived long ago. He stepped in the middle and turned into Fatso
but his hands were red he could then control fire. You know it's weird, Fatso is always getting powers and Plump'e isn't well read on..............
Plump'e was awake all night one night he didn't know why but he felt a bad cramp in his arm.
He suddenly glowed blindingly.
He had a new power...
To Turn people to concrete.


Fatso Friends Fall

Fastso was sitting in the lair looking at a picture of him and his hero friends. But he remembered the news report that said,"These men have disappeared off of the face of the earth! Fatso told Plump'e about and a gasped. Fatso said,"I will find them!" So he went out to find his friends with Plump'e.
One day he heard somebody say return to the castle....... You'll find him. Fatso had no idea what that meant then Fatso and Plump'e came upon a goblin!
The goblin striked at Plump'e but missed and Plump'e's hands turned red he punched into the goblin and it blew up and threw Fatso back with a burst of lightning.
Fatso had knew Plump'e for years and he knew that Plump'e wasn't able to do that. Fatso then heard a voice of Plump'e in his head "HELP"
Fatso said,"Hey Plump'e do you need any help?" "NO!" screamed Plump'e.
The next day Fatso walked to the Black Knight's castle and when he got in he saw all of his friends chained against the wall.
But what got him was that....
Plump'e was chained!
But he's right here he thought he turned around and it wasn't Plump'e it was a person that was disguised as him.
The Black Knight came in laughing. He said,"Plump'e has been here for over a week then Plump'e banged his feet together and everybody was out!
for now
Noname has a temper tantrum

Noname was in his secret lab making a potion to make Fatso and Plump'e vanish! But he just couldn't do it!
He threw so many fits. His face turned from white to red! Meanwhile Plump'e was on top of a building fighting a villian.
The villian kicked Plump'e back against a tank of water. It knocked the water out and the water hit another tank
and knocked it over. It was a tank of radioactive waste! Plump'e then started kicking rapidly. Noname had figured out
a way to make the potion work! Just then the radioactive waste stopped him! He started to have another fit
while he was turning into a monster! Plump'e looked back and Noname jumped onto him!
Plump'e knocked him off and he ran away. Plump'e told Fatso about Noname turning into a monster.
Fatso went outside and Noname was waiting.
But Plump'e and Fatso had a plan......
Fatso's brother Fasto ran around Noname really quickly while Plump'e and Faso poured radioactive waste on
Noname! He suddenly turned back to normal! Fatso took him to the BIG HOUSE! (jail)

The End



Well I know a lot of you people out there play runescape

and your not good at it... If you want to be good at quests

click here

Well as you have noticed there hasn't been a new story in quite a while now. Listen I've been really busy.So here's a story that you will like because if you don't like it!...... Then uhhhhh well nothing really will happen I just hope you like it.

The Chronicles of...

Fatso n' Plump'e n' the old days!

n' hmm it's a good n'

Fatso and Plump'e were in the lair were one day and a man ran in. He screamed,"Help help help help help help help help help help help okay so he screamed for three hours and you know...........

Fatso finally said ," What is it?" "Oh ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho

"OKKKKKKK!" said Fatso just get on with it! "ok" said the man in the old days!



To Be Continued......



Ok the stories are back! Also I have brought a new meaning to the word banana!

OK there's this new thing where you choose what happens. You choose Plump'e's destiny!

Here's where it starts!:


Plump'e 's epic day (1)

Plump'e was in the lair eating a banana. He was walking over to the TV when The black knight. The black knight threatened to steal his donut! dun dun duuuuuuun! Plump'e was scared and having a nervouse breakdown Fatso came in shooting the donut launcher!!! Plump'e passed out............ He woke up surronded by chocolate bunnies! They said,"All hail le' fatty!" Plump'e said,"Umm ok" Follow us to the chocolate castle! said the bunnies! When they got halfway to the castle they met a dark god on the ground named........................... Biwll To let you know I meant to put the "W" in there! The dark god made Plump'e appear in front of two

bananas. Plump'e didn't know which one to eat there was one on the left with horns and right with a viking hat! Plump'e then ate the


left right


Plump'e Files(part 1)

The Truth about Plump'e

WARNING this story is low fat

Plump'e and Fatso had a sidekick today! Then the sidekick went out to help...

Ahhhhh said a scared man help! I'm to smart to die today!!! "I'll save you!" said the new guy. He hit plump'e and he spit out a lava like thing! Plump'e was angry. Listen said a real estate man um well uh...AHHHHHHHHHHH said Fatso they had to give up the lair to pay for the town's destruction! Fatso was walking to the new lair and figured out it was a shack. Plump'e ate the new guy he was so furious! Plump'e looked in the shack and it contained the following:MILK BUTTER BUTTERMILK GUN although that's not the only way to make buttermilk. "It's ok"said Fatso..."We can make it work!" The next day Plump'e woke up in front of a rabbit. The rabbit told him that he can give Plump'e one wish if he does one thing... Sacrifices Fatso to a volcano that does not want a sacrifice. "No way" said Plump'e and walked away. Fatso woke up to find Plump'e gone so he looked around and saw something. A button on the wall Fatso pressed it and saw a door open he walked in it!!! He saw a symbol on the wall that looked like this:8 a mysterious symbol it was an 8
he wondered about it...Then he saw another door and walked into it! He fell about 50 ft. and passed out on the floor. Plump'e made his way back to the shack and saw Fatso was gone! He figured that the bunny had sacrificed Fatso! Plump'e new the only way to bring him back was for him to sacrifice hiself for Fatso! He made a two day trip to the volcano. Fatso was still suffering from the fall. Plump'e was at the edge and jumped......... suprisingly he felt a bone break but no lava. Then he saw Fatso beside him. Plump'e had some healing stuff powder stuff you know. His bone was ok. They were in the lair!


Plump'e Files (2)!

Just to let you know I'm sorry that the stories are over here now and just to let you know Plump'e and Fatso like them a lot better over here so don't say I messed up! If you want to move them back you'll either have to hack my website but I don't advise doing that because of all the legal trouble you'd be getting into. Or you could talk to Plump'e about it! Ok that's about it now back to the story. Plump'e was in the lair again. He was checking out a website called eliminateplump' Plump'e was being hunted! By people! Then some ninjas hopped through the windows! Plump'e then got on his lawyer suit and sued them! He proved them guilty in court. Plump'e had already defeated the villian. Fatso walked in with some grocery bags and said,"I'm back!" Plump'e told Fatso all about what he did to the ninjas! Fatso was proud. Muahahahaha! said a voice from above. I am your new enemy fupe! "Huh?" said Fatso and Plump'e... "You know it has a F and a P so Fatso and Plump'e said the voice. "Oh" said Fatso. It was a chicken that jumped down! He blew fire at Plump'e and he ended up in CA Fatso took out the donut launcher and shot it at the chicken but the chicken had escaped from the lair! A man walked in and said,"Fatso come with me and I will tell you how to defeat that chicken!" Fatso followed him into a dark damp cave... Then the man turned into the bunny and strapped Fatso down onto a tickling machine! Fatso got so tickled that he passed out! Plump'e walked back to the lair. He saw that Fatso was missing!

The End

The Smoothie...
There once was a smoothie.
It was a strawberry smoothies.
The strawberry smoothie
liked apples. That's why he
wished he was an apple

The End

I'm working on the new Plump'e files...It will be here soon.

im buff
Plump'e Files 3#!

Plump'e was scared Fatso was missing! Then all of a sudden BAM! Plump'e was knocked out and dreaming of some primordal realm.
Fatso was an eagle! Caw he said. Tubby was in this world but a cat...MOW! he said...Oh yes I meant to put mow. Fatso said,"Plump'e your brain sent us to help you get out of here and help Fatso out of the tickling machine!" "Wait!"said Plump'e,"What tickling machine?" "The one Fatso is in!"said Tubby "Get out of here Tubby!" said Plump'e. Tubby left... "Just say these words":Patty Cake Patty Cake! Plump'e said the words and appeared back in the lair surrounded by ninjas! Coming Soon:Plump'e Files 3 part 2!

WARNING this story is dumber than the smoothie one!
hello! I'm sorry it took so long for Plump'e Files! I didn't get a good idea this time. But here's a story for you to make up for all of that:
The Great Nelson
Nelson was a small snail. His name was nelson. The small snail:NELSON went out for a walk...Did I mention his name was Nelson? The small snail:nelson
Came upon a small rock! The small rock moved to a sand castle! The snail:NELSON was to slow to make it into the castle. So he got into real estate.

alright here's the new Plump'e Files!
Plump'e Files 3# part 2#!
Plump'e somehow teleported straight to Fatso! The cage unlocked! Fatso and Plump'e ran out of it and saw a bunny! "HAHAHA" said the Bunny. "You will never escape! " "Yes" said Fatso.......the Bunny sighed...... "You're in your mind!" said the Bunny..... Plump'e had gone into Fatso's mind! "Seya" said the Bunny...He dissapeared. Fatso looked around and spotted a dark figure..."Hello!" "I will take you out of your mind if you answer this tough question" said the man! , "What is 2 + 2???" "Um" said Fatso "4" Fatso was out of Plump'e's mind and running with Plump'e after the bunny! They set up a trap with carrots in it! The next day they came back and the bunny was in it! Fatso locked the bunny up in jail. Plump'e was getting tired so he went to sleep! Fatso sat back and relaxed. When water flooded the lair! Fatso pulled a lever on the wall ! Him and Plump'e were in a boat! Plump'e woke up and they sailed out of the lair! They saw a bunny in a drivable bubble. A torpedo hit Fatso and Plump'e's boat....................

The End

here's the new plump'e files
Plump'e fell into the water and Fatso flew him out...Plump'e felt. WEAK! Plump'e couldn't do any powers!!!! Plump'e was flown by Fatso to land and we he got there he was taken into a hospital. He was a normal human again. Fatso woke up that night and picked up Plump'e and took him to where Plump'e had first gotten his powers. A toxic waste dump! Usually it would be highly deadly but the day Plump'e got his powers it was his lucky day...Let's just say that yeah. He threw Plump'e in... Everything was silent. BUT THEN.... naw just kidding. Plump'e didn't come out. Fatso started to become very pale when... FATSO!!!!!!! said Plump'e. "what" said Fatso? "You've been asleep saying all of this nonsense about a bunny! In your sleep."said Plump'e"You still have your powers?" said Fatso. "Yeah" said Plump'e. "So all of that?" "Just a dream?" said Fatso. "I guess" said Plump'e. "Ever since the day when somebody named cheetahmama and YAYAMALA chose our destiny?" said Fatso . "Yeah" said Plump'e. Ohhhhhhhhhh
The End!!! Ok are you ready?
The New Plump'e Files is here!
I'm sorry this is the last Plump'e Files that I will do then I"m going back to the classic Chronicles of Fatso and Plump'e! Plump'e was walking down the street and Fatso ran into him. "Hey" said Fatso...."Hey" said Plump'e. "So what do you wanna do?`` "I don't know" said Fatso. Plump'e walked for another five minutes when....... "AHHHHHHHHHH" He quickly jumped into the store and said,"What's wrong?" "AHHHH" said the man,"12.99 what a rip off" "Oh" said Plump'e. But then he got a call from Fatso. "Help me" said Fatso but then Plump'e heard an explosion on the other end of the phone. Plump'e jumped out and flew into the air but then realized. He didn't know where Fatso was. He went around asking people until one man said,"I don't know where he is but I may know someone who can help you!" Plump'e arrived at an old house.....He heard dogs barking on the third floor. The house was rusty.... A voice from inside said,"Coooome Innnnn" Plump'e opened the door and went inside. The door slammed shut behind him. He banged on it shouting help!!!!! A man said,"It's ok!." He turned around. An old man said,"I know where Fatso is..." "Where" asked Plump'e. "First..." said the man "Promise to bring him here?" "I guess" said Plump'e. "He's tied up in your ice cream vault!" Plump'e went into the vault and untied him. But never brang him to the man. "I will have my revenge" said the man..... The End

The true creator of Fatso allowed me to have Fatso.

The Chronicles of Fatso and Plump'e!

The Giving Tree!

Once there was a tree. The giving tree. But it only gave bananas! So it was pretty much useless to our nations economy.But not useless to monkeys. So one day Fatso got a call from the tree. "I'll be right there" Once Fatso flew to the swamp he saw the giving tree. The giving Tree told Fatso he was real lonely. It took Fatso 2 seconds to think up something. How about a seed! he suggested. "..."the giving tree gave a stern look. Somebody that will talk to me within the next year please! "What do you mean?" said Fatso. "It doesn't take a year for trees to sprout!" "They do here!" replied the giving tree. "Well how about I go to the tree store!'' Fatso joked. "Ok" as the tree looked at a tree shop that said tree general. Fatso walked into the store. "Hi!" said a teenage boy. "Why are you here" said Fatso. "How long have you been here!" "Oh" said the boy..."three years" Fatso fainted. When he woke up the man gave him a small boy tree! "Here take this" "Thanks" said Fatso. Fatso gave the small tree to the large giving tree. The giving tree was happy.

the end


yeeh hooh!


yeah baby just like autin powers says!

The Prim's Visit

So remember Wackoid the Prim!!!!???¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????

Well...Wackoid the Prim belonged to a planet and escaped you see wackoids's planet is like a dictatorship!!¿¿??@@###$$$!!!!

Since Wackoid left they sent searchers out to find him. They finally found out that wackoid is now in CA in the banking buisness they got a disguise! They Disguised themselves as bank robbers. They went to Wackoid and said,"You're under arrest! For leaving the REPUBLIC" "But" Wackoid replied.."NO excuses Wackoid the Prim!"said the hunters of Prim Plaanet "You left the planet and it's time to pay!" Right when Fatso and Plump'e flew in and said,"Wackoid is innocent now leave our planet other...PRIM's." "Never!" they replied as they shot there Doghnut Launchers. "Hey" yelled Fatso,"How did they get those Doghnut Weapons?" "We are the creator of Doghnut Weapons foolish human!" replied one of the hunters of prim. Fatso jumped at the Prim but the Prim was to quick! Fatso once heard Wackoid say on the Phone that everyone is related in Prim World and that his dad was Heremes! The greek god! "Wait" said Plump'e I'm CORNfused !" "About what?" Fatso replied. "Um so uh how are greek gods real?" Fatso new the answer and explained to Plump'e that the world of Prim was in another Dimension and Greek Gods ruled that Dimension not this one! But Fatso still wasn't fast enough to catch the Prim's. One Prim knocked Plump'e down "Ahh" he yelled as he fell to the floor. Fatso then said,"This makes me..CORN ANGRY!" Wackoid said,"Ok brothers are you going to make a depo-as they pushed him over "AHH" he screamed. Fatso then shot 500 doghnuts and finally hit a Prim! "We'll be back!" they said then flew away.

To be continued...